Incorrectly repeated notes

• Dec 2, 2020 - 12:46

I attached the file, where the first whole note sounds correctly the first time played, but when repeated it sounds like a quarter note. Also, deleting any middle measure changes the picture.

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What soundfont are you using?
It could be heavy vibrato that sounds like individual notes.
(Check the notes in the piano roll editor.)

Play this file and while listening to playback, use the mixer to solo each flute, in turn, when the repeat occurs:

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I use MuseScore_General.sf3 font. But the same thing happens with a different accordion font. And I'm not that bad yet. For sure, I can tell the difference between vibrato and three quarters rest.
My guess is that Musescore get confused by the last tie, which tells to continue playing the next note, but the repeat sign tells to go back and play another note. So, Musescore get back but plays the last note.
If I change the pitch of the first note, I actually can hear two notes playing simultaneously – the first whole one and the last quarter note.

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I changed the pitch on the first note and can confirm I hear the 1/4 note at the end at the same time as the whole note at the beginning so there is something going on. Are you by chance using a midi device or some other custom output device? I'm using the default MME API with Speaker/Headphones (IDT High...

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I see what you mean.
While viewing the piano roll editor and, in the score, clicking that tied quarter note at the very end, the PRE highlights the entire tied group (as a single 'long note'). Apparently that 'long note' doesn't get truncated for the repeat, and so overlaps the beginning.

It sounds fine to me on 3.5.2 (which is what you used) on Windows 10, your version of Windows isn't reported but that shouldn't matter since you have the 64 bit version of the program. All I did was open it and play.

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