Excuse me, but explain how can this happen/how this happened?!

• Dec 2, 2020 - 02:37

This is what happened when I was working on my 18th American Rhapsody. How this/it happened. I was working on my piece, while I was working on it, I wanted to C&P (Copy &/And Paste) some notes. When I went to paste them, this happened. Please tell/explain to me how it happened. Thank You!

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Hard to sday from just a picture, but it looks like a gltich in your graphics driver. So you might try updating that. but firs,t definitely update MuseScore, looks like you are using an unsupported pre-release that has many known serious problems. Grab the current version - 3.5.2 - instead.

Your version of musescore is ancient. I'd see to that before bringing up other possibilities.

Edit: Oh, it's not as ancient as I thought. Either way, you need to update.

Did you, perhaps, hit a key combination that takes a Screenshot and then Paste it into a measure? Note how the space between Systems increases suggesting that an actual object has been pasted here rather than a graphics driver glitch (in which case you would expect the rogue image to appear as an overlay separate from the program graphics).

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