Chord spelling vs Chord style

• Dec 1, 2020 - 22:55

I usually choose "Solfeggio" for "Chord spelling".
With MuseScore 3.5.2, in "Style | Chord Symbol" setting form, if I click on "Solfeggio" for "Chord spelling", the choice in "Chord style" is deselected, which I think is not the intended behavior (they should be independent choices).
If I close with OK, and then I go back into the Style editor, the choice for "Chord style" is back to "Standard", and the choice for "Chord spelling" is empty (nothing selected).
Nevertheless, I get chords in the correct spelling.
This can be replicated easily.

I attach one file with a slightly bigger issue, where it seems that MuseScore has lost the chord spelling choice.
I had chosen "Solfeggio", and I have a pdf export which proves it.
If I open the score with 3.5.2 I get chords in "Standard" spelling (A, B, C...) and if I open Style | chord symbol, there is no choice selected in the radio button.
The score was originally written in 2017.
I cannot remind when I had last reviewed before saving with 3.5.2 (and which MuseScore version I used), but I am rather sure I had edited with other recent versions.
I cannot replicate this second issue in other scores... so I post here just in case you can identify an issue.

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