• Nov 30, 2020 - 15:36

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Hi all. I’m constantly trying to find ways to speed up my writing process.

I have a specific layout in my writing lab where I have a MIDI notation input keyboard on my right side that my right hand uses and my left hand uses a standard QUERTY keyboard number pad to type in the specific note values. I’ve gotten it to the point at which I can play and write in real time due to my shortcuts that I’ve set up. I can probably best compare it to using the shortcuts on Sibalius. It’s a really fast and efficient way of notation input.

Then I go to input all the extra stuff (tremolo, dynamics, hairpins, articulations, etc.). I have maximized my efficiency with the new pallets system and have placed in a pallet everything I need and then just have to manually click and maneuver everything into the score. This is a bit slower than I would like. I would like to know if MuseScore has the capability for me to create customized shortcuts to input those extra score properties. And I do know that I can create standard shortcuts, that’s not what I mean.

Let me give an example:

I would like to be able to select a small part of a score and place in a crescendo for the duration of that selection by pressing Ctr (I’m a windows user) and then while holding down that key, type out crec, and then the hairpin automatically is places for the desired duration.

I hope that I’m making sense with that illustration. If this isn’t already a feature built-in, is there a plug-in that exists for that, or is there a potential of that being added in a later update?

Thank you all for your help.


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You can continue to use your custom MuseScore shortcut commands.
The shortcuts of the AutoHotKey macro operate independently using the Advanced AutoHotKey.workspace
You can always switch between workspaces. After experimenting you could decide to add custom items to this workspace.

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