3.5.2 released version (MuseScore- ) for Linux hangs.

• Nov 27, 2020 - 13:12

Can't get the latest released version for Linux to run. Just hangs after it's displayed the initial untitled score.
3.2.3 is fine as is the the nightly build I downloaded in July (MuseScoreNightly-202007231514-master-5cdc00d-x86_64.AppImage).



Hangs as in, you can see the main window but it doesn't respond to any clicks or keypresses? Did the start center appear? If not, then perhaps that is the issue, it is displaying offscreen somehow, like maybe e you previously had another monitor connected or changed the resolution of this one or just somehow dragged it to a point where it isn't visible any more.

If so, then starting it with the "-F" command option to revert to factory settings should fix it.

If that's not it, please provide more info on exactly what you see and what you are trying that isn't working.

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