Font embedding or: better typeface substitution on, using a font server or listing fonts available at

• Nov 27, 2020 - 07:22

I use the Cambria and Calibri typefaces on my scores, for titles and lyrics respectively, and also add manual system breaks. They look very nice on my computer (Windows 10) or on any PDF I export.

However, uploading the scores to makes the typeface Cambria to be substituted by Caladea and Calibri by DejaVu Sans, breaking the layout to the point some systems have only one measure. It is very ugly when it happens.

Fonts such as Cambria and Calibri can be embedded on documents to the point they are allowed to be editable and not just printable: See and the font properties, they have the "editable embedding" allowed; also see, principally…,… and finally….

MuseScore should allow us to embed fonts which have the proper bits for embedding, so that scores uploaded to would appear exactly as they were formatted.

In the meanwhile, or in the case you think font embedding is not in the project's scope, should substitute those fonts for metrically equivalents. There is a list of metrically equivalent fonts at, where you can see the best match for Calibri is not DejaVu Sans, but Carlito (an open source typeface). Best of all, they are all free and open source or, in the case of the Core Fonts for The Web, licensed to be used commercially (the Core Web Fonts) without paying licensing fees.

Another solution is to use free and open source font servers such as Google Fonts and, so when we upload a score with one of those fonts, they will be rendered exactly as they were intended.

But the minimal thing that is super easy to do is to make a list of available fonts at, so we can try typefaces that will not break our scores' designs.


This is entirely a question for over at .com
But istr that they should support Google Fonts, so you might try that?

Another possibility might be that, just as you can upload your local (custom) audio, that that form would also allow uploading the locally generated SVGs instead; which would at least show the correct fonts on .com

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What I meant is that, just as we now have to possibility to upload generated audio (which resolves the licensing issue on soundfonts for .com) it might be an option to also use the locally generated SVGs, as that is what .com uses to show the score.
Then at least the online display of the score would be correct, without the need for embedding font info.

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I thought about uploading the locally generated PDFs, but then I noticed allows for printing parts separately or displaying only a part, but neither the PDF nor the SVG format are flexible to get all the parts combinations a user could want to see/play. With scores with only 4 instruments (such as SATB) it is easy to do a PDF upload for every combination of parts/instruments, but the difficulty quickly scales up when more instruments are added to the score.

The better solution would be MuseScore embedding fonts inside the .mscz file, the same way as LibreOffice embedds inside the .odt/.ods/.odp/.odg files.

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The difference with LibreOffice is of course that they don't have an online sister platform which leads to possible licensing issues.

I can see the Program allowing for embedding fonts as an option; but that won't magically result in .com being allowed to use them.

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