Instrument change

• Nov 23, 2020 - 13:05

Does the Change Ins. text really works or its just a text?


It really works. You can edit it just like any text though--if you select "Change to Piccolo," and edit the text to read "Pick up your Contrabassoon," it will still sound like a piccolo.

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Many of the texts in the text palette are special texts that have special properties to change the function of MuseScore. A few are duplicates of other text types with certain options turned on. There is no entry in the list of palettes to point a user to an explanation of each of the default palette entries. They are bit spread out through the manual based upon their functions.

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Something happens: it appears on the score and people reading your score will now see that instruction.

But yes, not all texts have a playback effect (yet). Nevertheless it remains important to use the correct text type for a given situation. So that if one day the playback effect does get implemented, you won't have to worry about fixing up to much stuff, or having to reenter all those texts (chord symbols anyone?)

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