Help required to create guitarTAB excerpts for educational video.

• Nov 21, 2020 - 14:25

Hi everyone,
I'm currently making on instructional guitar videos and wanted to see to ask a couple of questions please.
1, Can I adjust the width and spacing of a stave of simple guitar tab, ideally change how close the numbers are as well. I couldn't alter the look of a passage under the 'style' settings
2, Am I able create short, independent passages of 4-8 bars without having to make a new piece of music?
3. Finally I was trying to use the 'camera' tool to transfer an excerpt into the video but the greyed page break icon and dotted box around the title made it in as well...not sure how to get rid of them....
Thanks so much for reading,


  1. Perhaps someone has a better idea, but I would try using more or fewer measures on a system.

  2. You can make as long or short a song as you like. You can separate them on pages using page breaks or systems using system breaks. Both are in the breaks and spacers palette. Apply the item to the last measure you want on the page or system.

  3. At the bottom of the View menu there are several items that start with "Show," if they are checked they will appear on the screen so would be caught on camera. BTW, none of them print if you ever print your scores. Mark irregular measures also works the same way.

  1. You can adjust the layout stretch of any individual bar by selecting a measure, right-click, Measure Properties, Layout stretch. If you don't want a short passage stretching across the entire page, you could change page width in Format, Page Settings, or you could add a vertical frame (Add, Frames, Insert Vertical Frame) so the passage is condensed onto a smaller portion of the page.

Many thanks for the replies — they are most helpful. I have managed to shift things round a little but now am wondering whether it's possible to change the font/size of the numbers on the tab stave. They are a little small and hard to see. Thanks again!

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