Can a Yamaha PSR-E303 work with MuseScore on a PC

• Nov 20, 2020 - 12:25

I’m thinking of buying one of these, but from a private party, not returnable.


If the PSR has only MIDI-out MIDI-in ports, you will need a USB-MIDI interface (if your PC only uses USB ports). A compatible driver is also needed.

Newer keyboards have USB-to-USB capability. Still, a driver may be needed.

Also, think about how the notes must be entered into MuseScore compared to any pre-conceived expectations you may have.

Thanks, your comment about the MIDI to USB connection was very helpful. I have a smaller, 49-key keyboard that’s USB-USB and was thinking of this as a replacement. I’m used to the smaller keyboard but if going larger, perhaps I’d be happier with a more modern 88-key one.

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