Deleting tuplets causes issue

• Nov 19, 2020 - 04:07
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Deleting existing tuplets from the tenor or guitar part of this score causes those beats to be deleted in those parts. The beats are not replaced by a rest, and in step-time note input, they are skipped over entirely. This led to the file becoming corrupted, which was fixed by copying and pasting to correct the number of beats. Newly created tuplets do not seem to have the same issue.

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Where exactly? Which measures? (can you also precise how you doing to remove tuplets)
I removed all tuplets and I cannot see anything particular.



Frequency Many Few

2 is Few, not Many ;-)
I don't understand your images, what is done when, what happens and what do you expect to happen instead?

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few and many - I guess I don't understand your terminology here. For me the problem happens every time and I can always reproduce it. But I should learn what you mean by those trems before I answer those questions! ;-)
Anyway, thanks for your prompt reply. I wrote in case it could give you more information about the problem of deleting tuplets. I have used Musescore for years and really like the program. But I am new to 3.5.2
Thanks for all your work.

To make my screen shots more understandable -

first: the tuplet I want to erase
second: the inspector window, what my choices are when I try to use inspector to delete as I read about in forum
third what happens when I choose a part of the tuplet beam/number and press delete (or select region and do ctrl X)
fourth what happens when I select region and delete the notes
fifth what happens when I try to enter new notes at the beginning of the bar
sixth you can see that I cannot enter notes at the beginning of the bar.

It is as if the bar gets turned into a bar of 7/8 time.
When I reopen the file it tells me that the file is corrupted


Could it be that you are opening a musicxml/xml file?

Does the problem happen also if you save the file as mscz, close it and reopen it again?

For the record, Frequency (few/many) refers to how many people have reported the issue. "Reproducibility" is the field that describes how often it occurs for any one person.

Anyhow, in order to investigate, pictures aren't what we need - we need an actual score and precise step by step instructions to reproduce the problem from there.

Reproducibility Always Once

Hey all, I can no longer reproduce this issue; not sure why or how, but deleting tuplets is now behaving normally, even with the score I uploaded here (which was previously having issues). When the issue WAS occurring, it was happening exactly as barweiss' picture showed: deleting the tuplet would cause it to be replaced by an empty space, and would corrupt the file. So it has happened... at least twice? Anyway thank you all for trying it on your computers, I'll update if the issue reoccurs.

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Hi all!
I think that it may have been a problem because I exported a midi file from a DAW (reaper).
When I enter tuplets by hand in Musescore, this problem does not occur - it works like the manuals/forums say it should.