"Loud" Playback is not reproduced 100% clearly

• Nov 18, 2020 - 19:09

I have PulseAudio as my audio program in Manjaro. And whenever I play sounds written in Forte or above, the playback isn't clear. I mean that whenever I press playback I can hear the sounds but also hear noice playing, like the "white" sound (or however it's called) in old tvs. But it's not really loud.

I'm not sure what's causing but whether my speakers are low or high this always happens and it does NOT happen with any other program. What is the problem?

P.S. talking about today's 3.x Linux Nightly. But if I remember correctly, this happened to other stable versions I have tried.


Check whether the synthesizer is clipping within MuseScore when you play back that section. If it is, lower it's volume slider so it no longer clips.

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Also for some reason, after modifying the clipper in synthesizer and closing the appimage normally, I tried launching musescore from inside terminal (konsole) and it seems that the sound was totally broken, like leaving the plug half-inserted for as long as the musescore was open. That didn't happen before I tried modifying the clipper. This is what I get in terminal from the moment I launch it till the moment I close it from the window's quit button.

P.S. It seems that even launching it normally, without using konsole, it still does the same problem now. The audio from "ok" turned to an old tv's consistent white sound. It doesn't play properly at all. Ok the system afterwards deleted musescore , after closing the appimage. 2ndP.S. I reinstalled and it seems to work fine again but the problem described at the last message remains.

So, to summarize, trying to fix the problem by lowering the clipper brings another stuff. When I first lowered the clipper it seemed that it almost fixed the problem, but I would still hear some really short lasting sounds in every beat of the piece I currently had open and playbacked, somehow.

Besides that though, after closing the AppImage/window the first time, when I applied the new clipper position in that session, relaunching the AppImage either from terminal or with mouse, has a high chance of of distorting my audio from the moment I open to the moment I close Musescore. Even when nothing is supposed to play in background, I can hear a continuous noise, like white noise coming out from my speakers. I don't know what causes it but it could be Musescore as I had never any audio issues with other apps/programs.

Deleting and installing a new AppImage while keeping the others files (cache,config,documents and local) doesn't fix anything for me. But if I delete all the files concerning Musescore and install a "truly" new one then of course everything comes back to normal.

Do I need to provide more info? I'm personally not done with this topic. But I'll try in a newer nightly.

P.S. Ok, I tried 11/22 nightly and it still reacts the same way after the second launch. It's like ear-rape.

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