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• Nov 18, 2020 - 15:57
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The synalepha is a common enough character in lyrics entry that would benefit a lot from having a dedicated shortcut sequence.

Current proposal is to use Ctrl/Cmd + Alt + _


Or Ctrl/Cmd+Alt+- (has the advantage on a German keyboards to not also need Shift)
But first a corresponding command is needed, enabling such a shortcut, the default shortcut can be dealt with then and also get changed by the user.

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I really like the idea to have shortcuts for the Elision (Synalepha) as I often use in my transcribed scores.
As you are at it, could you have a shortcut for each of the 3 Elision ?

We can see the 3 Elision in the special caraters dialog


Those caracters are there in the Lyrics of the SMuFL table


Would be a really time saving.

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Unfortunately, I have realized that I haven't got the skills needed to accomplish that.
To make the synalepha shortcut work, I followed the same procedure the program uses to insert flat, sharp and natural symbols in text input, which are hard-coded shortcuts, and I think narrow and wide elisions are enough rare to don't have shortcuts by default and have them defined by the user instead.
So that could be improved someday, but, anyway, I hope my implementation is useful and merged :)

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As you can see, Those Elision symbols are in the Lyrics section of SMuFL, and present in Bravura Text, and presented in the Special caracters F2 dialog when you want to add a symbol in the lirycs being entered.
The U+203F is a more common caracter present in some fonts, but not in all, thats why it is present in 3 flavor in Bravura text, since long before v1.39. (But you already know that link)

But adding the SMuFL glyph would work differently, not by their unicode codepoint, but by their SymId
And using those is causing problems with the formatting too, die to the mix of 'normal' text and SMuFL

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Use of Bravura text version of Bravura has the fonction to add plain text to text in the score, not only lirycs.
you're right to tell that this give some problems, but curiously, those problems have appeared since 3.0, but does not exist in v2.x, it's why I have open at least one two issue on the subject.
Use of Bravura text in Word permit to insert musical symbols in a text, (I often use that...)

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I reffering yes to that issue, and to another one, I opened 2 years ago, need to retrieve that one...
In my understanding, may be I am wrong, SymID is the best method to insert Braura (or other SMuFL compliant font) glyphs in the score, staves for example, but for text we use the text version of the font and the unicode to insert the symbol in a text field of the score, as on Word, and exactely the same way you have define the U+203F to call the standard non SMuFL undertie.

It using the SMuFL unicode codepoint, we'd need to switch the entire string to Bravura text, or at least that one part, which would be much more complicated that just using the SymId:
Ly<font face="Bravura Text">U+E551</font>rics (or sume such)
Also then it won't follow the user's choice if the Musical text font

So instead of using the 'standard' synalepha unicode, which may or may not wrok, depending on text font used, we should use that SymId method

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When you use a SMuFL unicode in text, we need to fallback to the font that include the caracter, for example, in Windows, in typing lirycs, you can open the caracters table, choose Bravura text (need to be installed on OS and of the same version used by MuseScore) or other font you need, U+203F is in FreeSerif, but not in Arial for example, as far as I know, I often use the large SMuFL Elision for help chorists and have lirycs not too tight, and easy to read.
Anyway, have a shortcut is a good idea, I can live without if it is not possible to have the SMuFL ones, I will add by hands as always.

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