Suggest that Appoggiatura.qml apply settings to all selected main notes?

• Nov 18, 2020 - 06:27
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This is my first time submitting a feature request for a plugin on MS

Background: Music with many gracenotes and ornaments (bagpipe music) plays back poorly and about 95% of notes require running the plugin. But the plugin doesn't apply to all the selected notes, so to use it I need to run it manually on almost every note in my music.

Here's how to reproduce the issue:
1. Right click on a main note.
2. Select > All Similar Elements in Same Staff
3. Run appoggiatura plugin
4. Enter Main note start = 5 and Separation = 0
5. Apply
6. Check another note and the change only applied to the first note in the selection :(

I may try to write this myself for my own use by using the applyToNotesInSelection() from colornotes.qml

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I've solved this by writing a plugin that combines the "applytoallnotes" func from colornotes.qml and the meat of appoggiatura.qml with some hard coding (and no gui) to optimize bagpipe playback.

it's called PB_OTB.qml (attached) (Pipe Band On The Beat).

It's part of a Pipeband suite of files I'm working on and it adjusts all notes (either all selected note or if nothing is selected, all notes in the file) so that the main note plays on the beat. The appoggiatura and grace note lengths are set to 50.

The Pipe Major of the band I'm teaching with currently is very pleased with the bagpipe playback sound using this plugin and said he personally thinks it's better than sibelius (yay!).

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Yes, this can be closed. I will put the plugin on once I've had a chance to clean up the code. Right now I'm focused on trying figure out a different playback issue!
(changing status to closed)