Where's the Off Switch?

• Nov 13, 2020 - 20:36

I never want chords typed above the notation to play or export. NEVER. Where is the toggle switch to turn this off PERMANENTLY? It getting to be a pain to right click on a chord, select all similar elements, then go to the inspector to switch them off. And if it happens that a new chord is added I must do that again for it to be off...not play (ever)...not to export as a midi sound. So, where is that universal off switch?


As mentioned above, it's never been necessary to select all similar, the style setting has always been the faster way, and it affects newly entered chords too.

But now, with 3.5.2, it's even easier. If you truly never want to use this feature, go to Edit / Preferences / Advanced and turn on the option score/harmony/play/disableNew. That will force the style option for new scores (it already defaults to off for older scores). This is just as was proposed in the previous thread you started on the topic :-)

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I did that for a piece that I'm currently working on, and it still played the chords. I then went into style and unchecked "play" in the options for chord symbols and it STILL played the chords. I can't imagine that anyone could possibly want this as a feature, it's been driving me nuts trying to figure out how to turn it off.

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I did exactly what the FAQ told me to do. I even went through and did what it outlined to do first for all scores, then for the current score, then by selecting a chord and using the inspector, just to make sure there wasn't something I was missing. All the correct boxes are either checked or unchecked as required according to the FAQ instructions (I checked multiple times). And it's still playing the chord. Even when I close Musescore and open it again fresh.

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If this happens with multiple scores, it should be easy to find one to post.

But for the record, this was one of the single most requested features ever in all the years I've used MuseScore. Many people love the feature, but we've also made it simple to disable for those who don't want it. If you literally don't think you'll ever want it, no need even to mess with the style settings, just turn it off globally in Edit / Preferences / Advanced as documented in the Handbook section mentioned above.

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