key signatures not copied

• Nov 12, 2020 - 19:55

I created a short passage in which time signatures and key signatures change every bar. Then I copied the passage and pasted it elsewhere (immediately after the selection). To get the time signatures to "copy" I had to create measures with the proper time signatures ahead of time (I addressed this in a feature request to you). The key signature issue is similar: the individual key signatures were not copied to the new measures. Instead, the pasted measures "inherit" the key signature where the paste was performed, and the pasted notes are given accidentals in that key signature. I could (and did) add back in the key signatures to the pasted measures, but it would be nicer if musescore did that for me (at least as an option).


Key signatures are also system items so they are not copied. See the link in your other post for a long conversation about this.

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