copying measures with different time signatures in a selected region

• Nov 12, 2020 - 19:36

One of the few features musescore is missing that keeps me from using it full-time is the ability to copy a number of measures having different time signatures, then paste them and retain the time signatures in the pasted copy. This feature is automatically present in every commercial music notation editor I know of. I can't imagine a situation where a composer would not normally want to bring along the time signature changes of the copied material to where it is pasted. Is this going to be addressed in the near future?


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This feature would be fantastic, run into this problem often and best solutions I've found is to either copy/paste in smaller sections with the same time signature and then manually change it to paste in the next section. Or, copy/paste the whole section and go back to change the time signatures manually.
I know nothing about coding and imagine there's a lot more to it than seems, but please add this feature...

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Yes, for composing and scoring any modern classical music this feature is a must-have. Every commercial music scoring product has this feature, so we know it's definitely doable. With a major new version of musescore coming soon (and presumably some code redesign coming with it), this is a perfect time to include this feature. If clef and key signature changes can be copied, why not time signature changes too?

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Definitely possible, just requires someone who really wants the feature to volunteer to implement it, so far for whatever reason it seems none of the people requesting the feature have the necessary combination of skills and available time.

For the record though, copying time signatures is "harder" than key signatures because it changes the measure lengths and potentially rewriting tuplets and other note values, but harder isn't the same as impossible. Again, it's just waiting for one of the people requesting the feature to volunteer to implement it.

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