Copy and Paste a range of Chords

• Nov 12, 2020 - 08:10

Is it possible to Copy and Paste a range of Chords ONLY without copying or replacing the notation?


If you're talking about Chord Symbols, then yes:
1. Click the first one
2. Shift+Click the last one
3. Copy
4. choose destination
5. Paste

There may be confusion here. The word "chord" normally refers to the notes themselves - the ovals and stems on the staff. So if you want to copy those somewhere else but keep the existing notes, then indeed this is done by moving one of the sets of notes to a different voice (only you would know which you want changed and to what voice, so best to just do that yourself, with Tools / Voices).

But if you mean chord symbols - not the notes themselves, but the letters and numbers above the staff, like "Em7", then these can be copied and pasted without affecting the actual chords/notes, as described above - first select the chord symbols however you like (click / Shift+click is often good) then copy/paste normally. It will replace existing chord symbols, but not existing notes.

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