Sustain Pedal for Piano

• Nov 12, 2020 - 04:20

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A pretty basic question, as usual. What is the difference between the piano pedal with the line and the one with the line and asterisk? I place the PED. marking under a note and extend the line to a note where i want the sustain to end but the notes are sustained beyond that until the end of the measure.

I want to have a sustain effect starting on a specific note and ending on another specific note for all the notes in between. Is this just a playback issue?

Have not been able to puzzle this one out per manual or discussion groups. Sorry, no example yet.

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Hi Mike,

I'm not sure I was clear. I put the pedal mark under a first note and then extend the line to some further note along the staff but the sustain effect continues beyond the second note. I want to have the effect of releasing the pedal at the second note. Right now. it continues beyond the end of pedal line and to the end of the measure. Is there a setting for this?



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Why not share your score by attaching the *.MSCZ file to this thread? It's quite hard to help you without seeing the notes.

For example, are you attaching the Ped. mark to the piano bass clef staff? Do you want the Ped. to stop at "the second note" on the bass clef staff, or does this second note occur on the treble clef staff?

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