Playback timing anomaly

• Nov 12, 2020 - 03:03

[MuseScore 3.52; Windows 10]

In the attached file, in measure 11, the last note of the measure, observe that I've added a brief hidden fermata on the note to force playback to sound right. Without it the note is cut short, to just over half its value. I'm wondering why.

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What soundfont are you using?
In the mixer, try switching the sound to something like reed organ.

Here's your file with the fermata removed and bass clef staves silenced for those measures. Experiment with Church Organ Expr. and compare to Reed Organ:

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The default sound font folder set in Preferences (.../Documents/MuseScore3/SoundFonts) is empty. The voice I'm using is Keyboards, Organ. The sound listed in the Mixer is Church Organ Expr. Where it's pulling that sound from I have not determined. Indeed, when I select Reed Organ I do not hear the short tempo on that note, even with all staves playing.

With regard to Marc's observation, I tried various playback tempos, silencing all or part of the other voices, and playing back with the metronome on. It may be that what I'm hearing is an illusion. With the tenor note silenced (same note an octave down) the note doesn't seem to sound short, and it doesn't sound short at very slow tempos as Marc tested. Nor does it sound noticeably short compared to the metronome. But in normal playback I still seem to hear it short at around 75% of full speed. I'll have to assume that it's more perception than reality.

While I first stated that the last note of measure 11 was the short note, with this testing it seems that maybe the note just before it seems to be entering slightly early rather than that last note being cut short. But either way, the first note of measure 12 seems to come earlier than it should. Again, maybe just my perception. And I don't hear that with the Reed Organ voice.

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