Is it possible to create like a swing tempo in musescore?

• Nov 11, 2020 - 10:39

At the moment I'm learning grade 1 clarinet with a music teacher and I've been putting some of the music into musescore to help me learn.

I've got to one piece of music called Sundown by James Rae. My music teacher explained to me that the tempo is a bit strange on this one as it's like a swing where each double quaver is played as a triplet (crotchet/quaver).

I know in Musescore you can put the tempo in but is there a way to put this strange tempo in as the tempo line seems to only take numbers - or do I have to go through and change all double quavers to crotchet/quaver triplets?

The tempo is like

Slow blues tempo ♩ = c.72 (♫ = ╭³♩♪╮)

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