Dynamic in volta 1 affects playback of lower grand staff in volta 2.

• Nov 8, 2020 - 19:56

I have the following test case:



My expectation is that on the second time through, the pp dynamic in measure 4 would continue to be in effect in the 2nd volta. However, it seems that it only affects the upper staff. The lower staff plays back ff. If I delete the ff in measure 8, both staves play back pp in the second volta. It makes no difference whether the scope of the dynamic is set to "part" or "system"

Can someone else confirm what I am hearing?

It seems like a bug to me.


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Hmm? Limitation=bug?

The problem as is that the pp before the voltas is honoured in the upper stave, as it should be, when the second volta is taken but the ff in the first volta seems to be affecting the playback of the lower stave in the second volta even though MS shouldn't "see" it.

a) a dynamic in a 1st time volta should not affect playback in a 2nd time volta.

b) dynamics set to "stave" or "system" should have equal effect on both staves if a grand staff.

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