Improper Pedal Spacing Across Pages

• Nov 5, 2020 - 01:17

See attached. The spacing is increased from the bottom of the staff for no apparent reason; it should be consistent throughout and adapting to any elements to avoid collision. If you just put a pedal over two empty measures, the spacing is fine; deleting everything but the pedal doesn't seem to fix it; I'd have to replace the pedal for the spacing to return to normal.
Should this happen and does this also happen with other similar elements? (other lines, hairpins, etc.)

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Pictures lie in posts to the forums almost daily. You need to attach the actual score, there may be things in the file that cannot be seen in a picture of the score.

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Funny enough, when I was making a condensed version of the score for this (original is huge), I found why the issue persists. Another pedal on the rest of the page needs that spacing to avoid overlapping with a dynamic so all the pedals on that page align with each other horizontally. I know this is intended but I think I'd prefer lines to return to normal spacing if they're far apart enough. (one full measure in between?)

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It's by design that pedal lines on a system align but not necessarily a line that spans more than one system. If the default has problems then turning off auto placement is an option. If I understand correctly this is done on a system by system basis rather than all or nothing for a line.

The default behavior is usually very reasonable if there are pedals across the entire system. The pedal lines normally line up from what I've seen. Pedal lines in random measures of a system may or may not line up but usually do from my rather limited experience with published piano scores.

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For traditional piano scores there's likely enough pedals in a system for all of them lining up to be desirable; this is definitely the more usual case. I find it awkward to have giant gaps when there's nothing to avoid though, especially as just adding a dynamic alone creates a large gap that lasts the rest of the system (can mitigate by moving the dynamic up, which is what I often do).

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