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• Oct 18, 2009 - 07:55

My computer is IMac recently bought as you can see on the attached pdf document the chords are written in wrong way in the fourth measure of score should be written Bb6 and Eb9
as you can see there is a blank space instead of "b" I don't understand why ...
in the score I can see on screen instead of "b" I see a little square
is there anybody that can help me?


I see the square in the PDF but I don't encounter the squares when I write Bb6 in my own squares. Could you describe the steps to reproduce this? Also, please include the standard information about what version of MuseScore you are using, what operating system. Could you attach the actual MuseScore file in a comment below?

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my pc is IMac with snow leopard installed, I have simply written the score in the attached pdf just after downloadin musescore 0.9.5 for Mac; very curious but for writing such chord i.e. Bb6 if I simply write it just typing musescore return me correctly Bb6 ( or it shows me ) after pressing "Enter" the chord turns into B "Little square that I can't draw here" and 6
consider that I haven't chANGE anything in preferences.
trying to write the chord through the "facilty" Proprieta Armonia is teh same ...
it seems that the system "take" another font

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It does use a different font to show a real flat sign.

I seem to remember there being a problem with fonts on Mac. Maybe this is an instance that slipped through with the 0.9.5 release. Could you check whether this still happens in the latest prerelease for Mac? I only have access to a Windows computer.

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There are two workaround for the time being.
1. If you don't want to use Jazz Chords. Edit the chords.xml file in /Applications/
And change "Mscore1" by "Mscore1 20"

2. Use Jazz chords. Go to Style->Edit Style->Chordnames -> Pick jazzchords.xml

I still don't understand why MScore1 behaves like this and MuseJazz does not...

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Yes. More precisely, I think that Qt on mac is relying on the full name while Linux and windows are relying on short name.
MuseJazz have the same "short" and "full" name. Mscore1 does not.
I don't have a font creation workflow installed with python, fontforge etc... to create mscore1.ttf

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