Basic page format gone crazy!

• Nov 3, 2020 - 00:08

I love Musescore, and use it all the time. Yesterday, I opened up a song file, to discover a radically different display, complete with 1/1024 notes along the top note display! I can't get the palettes to display on the left side like they always have, thus making the program very unusable. I've re-downloaded the app, turned my computer (Mac) off and an, and still, it's not back to "normal". Help!


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I've tried that. The pallets come up in a strange form, that I've never seen before, and it covers up half of my score page. Plus, it is only there for one change to my score, then it disappears again, and I have to open pallets up again from the menu.

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Just clicking on the header of the Palettes panel and moving the mouse slightly while the mouse button is down will cause an undock - and it's easy to do it by mistake. As mentioned above, double-clicking on the Palettes header will re-dock the panel.

As regards switching between the Basic and Advanced workspaces, the Handbook explains in some detail:

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