Error Uploading Crash Report Host requires authentication

• Oct 31, 2020 - 21:24

Musescore has been crashing periodically lately since last update when opening a capx or xml file. It gives the subject error. How can I fix the error so the report can be submitted? Thanks,


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That "scfl6676.mscz" is an autosave file from after a crash. It reports corruptions:

Measure 152, Staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 0/1
Measure 152, Staff 2 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 0/1

That "A Joyful Gathering of Carols.mscz" reportes the exact same corruptions.
On a corrupted score basically anything can happen, including crashes later. See How to fix a score that contains corruptions for various methods to fix those. Fixed scores attached

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Going back to check the Capella scan, found and fixed a few errors. Tried to save in different formats to see if MuseScore would better represent it. It crashed and when reporting got "Error while uploading crash report Host requires authentication" in the following formats:
capella Cap XML 1.1, capella Cap XML 2.0,

When saving Capella file in "Music XML" or "Music XML + capella" format it gives error that it is not a valid Music XML file, If I select that I want to open it anyway and select details, it says "Fatal error: line 571 column 14 Content of element duration does not match its type definition: Double content does not match the minExclusive facet..". If I select "Yes" to open the file if gives error that it is corrupted (not unusual). Showing details, it says "Measure 152, staff 1 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 0/1, Measure 152, staff 2 incomplete. Expected: 4/4; Found: 0/1". Both of these are not true, unless it is counting measures differently somehow. If I ignore the error here, it does provide most of the music. However, I have spent hours trying to correct it.

Thanks so much for your help!

See attached files

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Importing "Scan_0014 Music XML + capella format.xml" and " Scan_0014 Music XML format.xml" into MuseScore, by ignoring the XML error (here Capella apparently exports invalid XML) and the corruption message results in the same corruptions as mentioned above.
Both of these are not true These __are __ true, these 2 measures are completely empty (and there's a bogus end barline):

Trying to import those capx files indeed to crash MuseScore (3.5.2, on Windows 7)

Whenever you can, use MusicXML to exchange scores between different programs, that's what that format is made for. MuseScorte's support for proprietary formats like .cap. or .capx will always be incomplete and lag behind.

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