Lyricist in part shown in wrong place, and can't be selected.

• Oct 30, 2020 - 06:53

This is a pretty minor thing, cosmetic only.
But in the attached, when I've created Parts, the Lyricist is shown not on the front page where it belongs, but way over at the top of the second page.
I wonder if it is because the main score is Landscape, but the parts are Portrait?
But I can't manually fix it, because I can't select the Lyricist in the Parts.
When I click it, it doesn't change to the blue colour indicating 'selected'.


The problem is that in the main score you 'visually' swapped arranger and composer, so those had pretty large X-Offsets, those in turn resulted them in the Parts to be off page and as such not selectable (a known issue).

Fixed score attached, reset their positions in main score, added another composer text in all the parts, right-click, select all similar, reset the offsts in Inspector, removed that additional composer text
I also did a Ctrl+A, Ctrl+R to all parts, resetting all positions to their default, didn't help with those 2 texts, but change some of the rehearsal marks' positions

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