[Bug?] Pauses get created by second voice.

• Oct 28, 2020 - 11:23

As I'm not sure whether this should indeed happen, let me just tell you the steps how to reproduce this:
1. Download the score and go to measure 72.
Awesome Anime Music.mscz
2. Select the top note for the cello. it should be green, a second voice.
3. Click [6] on your keyboard to turn the whole note (the E) into a half-note.
Up until now, everything seems fine.
4. Now click [.] (dot) on your keyboard to make it a ... not sure what this is called ... three-quarter-note. This works fine. However, for some reason there's now a pause in the next cello-measure, which we didn't add.

Is this a bug?
If not, how does this make sense?

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