Request to having the alternative choice of “To Coda”

• Oct 27, 2020 - 06:24

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It would be nice if I have the alternative choice of “To Coda”,
Replace Coda to Coda Symbol

personally I prefer this way, it saves the side space.

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1) Add the plain To Coda to a score
2) Double click it to edit the text
3) Remove the word 'Coda' and insert a coda symbol from the special characters window (F2) (or copy-paste one from a coda symbol)
4) Highlight the coda symbol and use the font-size control at the bottom of the screen to adjust it's font size
5) Click outside the altered marking
6) Hold Ctrl + Shift and drag it into your palette

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The coda symbol is only found in special music fonts. Inserting a symbol via F2 sneakily changes the font for that symbol, but copy-pasting doesn't, and the missing symbol is displayed as [?]. To change it manually:

  1. Enter text edit mode by double clicking.
  2. Select the wrongly displayed [?] character.
  3. In the font dropdown below, select "Bravura Text".
    (Not in the Inspector on the right, which is for the default font for the entire text field.)

Very reasonable request, please add it to the issue tracker as as a Suggestion
This would make it easier too, to just have the Coda symbol ad a "To Coda", by deleting the "To ", rather than having to replace the "To Coda" with the coda symbol and then having to tweak the size (we can't really have such an entry in the palette though, as then it would be difficult to distinguish it from the 'real' Coda, only difference possibly being the tool tip)

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