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• Oct 25, 2020 - 19:38
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I don't know if there's a possibility to reproduce the failure. I will attach the compromitted file.

I built a score from the cratch. It contained a choral of the 16th century with time signature changes. These changes I didn't like to be seen. So I hid it by hitting key v. Done.

Next was to create the parts. But that got "specific" ... After creating the parts I found in them time signature changes I never created; also key changes I never created. The latter I could delete. But if I tried to delete the superfluous time signature changes, it either happened nothing, or both of time signatures were deleted - even that one what was right.

At least I tried to close the file. The program crashed.

What is corrupt ???

Please, don't build program overloads which lead to dysfunction. That happened with Finale, that happened with Sibelius. No - stop it. Keep the program only for notation. Version 2.x was fine, Version 3.x isn't. That's a GREAT pity.

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I don't see any time signature changes in the parts that are not in the main score, and it doesn't crash either.

BTW: You don't need those time signature, you can change the actual duration of every measures to your heart's content, right-click > Measure properties > Actual duration

I do see one strange thing in the parts in m7 of all parts where m7 does not start the line there are two C times signatures. This is the second time in 24 hours I've seen this. An invisible C time signature doubled. The other time it was in a score with no parts and not posted to the forum. See m539 of the attached. I've discovered the duplicate goes away if you hide courtesy time sig.

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thx to jojo for the hint to change the actual duration of singular bars. I do this every day with the last bars of pieces which have an upbeat, or when I divide bars in order to prevent voltas when I create a repeat. In German we say sth like "I was not able to see the forest because of the lots of trees" ... Thanks!

Thanks to mike320 for your example and, also, for your confirmation of seeing a doubled C time signature.

I'm not sure if there is a context to bar line attributes, or bar attributes. To check this out I believe you had to read the file code and to compare it to the syntax rules. But this is definitely out of my experience.

Status active needs info

I didn't confirm your issue. It still isn't clear exactly what the issue is because we can't reproduce your problem. I acknowledged that there seems to be a problem and we do need to investigate more.

In English our saying is, "He couldn't see the forest for the trees."