Help with Muse Score Please !

• Oct 25, 2020 - 11:10

Hello everyone,
I am experiencing a problem with triplets and semiquavers.

The first notes of one of my bars are in triplets (semiquavers in triplets, which is what I want), I intended for all of the notes to be semiquavers in the bar, yet a quaver shows up after the third semiquaver (when I'm on the semiquaver note option) I don't want a quaver, I want a semiquaver but a quaver shows up!?
Check 3rd bar please.
Urgently need help!

Thank you

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The time signature is 3/8, so you need to create a triplet in the space of one quaver (1/8). For the third bar:
1. On the first beat, enter 4 for a quaver, then Ctrl+3 to create the triplet of semiquavers.
2. Enter the notes for the triplet semiquavers.
3. Then on the 2nd quaver beat, enter 3 to revert to ordinary semiquavers, and enter the remaining notes in the bar.

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As Mr. Fox said, this is a beaming problem. The problem is that you don't like the default beaming for 3/8 time signature. The beaming is set up so you will have the single beam rather than the double beam or same beam in the time signature properties. Right click the time signature and look at the 32nd note (hemisemiquaver?) beaming and you will see this.

Keeping this is a good idea. It lets the musician know where a triplet ends and normal 16th notes begin. If you want to change it, then drag the beam type to the appropriate note in time signature properties and it will be updated for future notes. To apply this to current notes, select the notes you object to and click the Auto icon in Beam properties and they will be updated.

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