Lack of editing in iPad is the main reason I can't get rid of my MacBook

• Oct 23, 2020 - 21:59

Hello guys!

Thanks again for MuseScore. Fantastic software.

A simplified version of my workflow is:

  • compose music in MacBook / MuseScore (on my couch)
  • export to PDF
  • Dropbox sync to iPad
  • import PDF to iGigBook Pro to prepare sets for practicing and gigging (at keyboard)

The gotcha is that MuseScore on iPad doesn't allow me to make subsequent edits (and iGigBook Pro doesn't run on macOS). But of course, since this is composition, there are constant tweaks to the scores, meaning that I have to go through the above workflow every time. It's very awkward and annoying. Also note that I'm usually sitting at my grand piano or keyboard, with the iPad nicely sitting on the music desk. The laptop can't fit here.

If MuseScore for iPad could allow editing, that might solve the problem of juggling two devices. The small 10" might be tough. But it might be fine for most things.

Perhaps this has discussed elsewhere, but I couldn't find it in FAQ or a quick look around the forums.




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The current app only uses a (relicenesd) part of our own code. However the whole user interface for the current notation software builds on top of other software libraries, which don't all have such a dual license.

Depending on how Apple works on making app development for desktop and tablet unification, this might indeed become an easier effort in the future. (Such as for example the Windows Surface tablets being pretty much considered "normal" laptops.)

Let me add another twist here.

Apple mobile developers are now being given an option to enable Apple Silicon support on their apps, so that they will run under macOS when the new cpus come out. This will finally allow apps to cross the great divide between desktop and mobile.

I’m not sure if that’s bidirectional or not. But are the devs considering how Apple Silicon might make this a possibility?

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