Piano Keyboard has no sound

• Oct 21, 2020 - 03:42

I'm running the latest MuseScore3 on a MacBook Pro using Catalina OS.
My scores all work fine with full sound, and inputting notes with N makes a sound as they come into the score. But there is no sound when I view the piano keyboard (P) and click on a note.

There seems to be a similar problem here, but it resolved itself (mysteriously)
Any ideas?


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I don't think that's the way this works. When I closed the score and reopened it, and pulled up the piano keyboard, no sound played until I clicked on a note on the violin staff. Then the piano played with violin sounds. When I click on other instruments' staff, I still get violin sounds.

Please can you open the mixer and tell me if the midi port and channels are in order: 1st instrument in midi port 1 and channel 1, 2nd instrumente in midi port 1 and channel 2... etc
And see if the instruments playback in solo mode the correct sound...

First, be sure you're not in Note Input mode. Then try selecting a measure (any measure) in the score, then clicking on a key in the MS virtual piano keyboard (in View menu) should sound the notes. It would be nice if this simple instruction was found in the Handbook, but I have not.

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