Barlines at Beginning of Page Disconnect Randomly

• Oct 19, 2020 - 04:26

When notating on a multi-part score, connecting barlines helps to indicate instrument groupings (Ex. all saxophone staves are connected by their barlines). I do this, except sometimes the barlines "disconnect" randomly and any edit to the score restores them (I don't have to reconnect them). From what I can tell, the barlines disconnect at only one measure at a time and always between the first and second measures of a page. I attached a sample image, but I can't reproduce the issue reliably so a sample score is fruitless. I briefly discussed this with Marc Sabatella and he notes that this was a version 2.x bug, but as the scores I have this issue with are from the 3.x version I'm thinking the issue has resurfaced. Any thoughts?

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To be clear, what I have said is the bug had to do with import of 2.x scores into 3.x. Those bugs, though, were fixed around 3.1 or 3.2. I'm not really aware of any new cases since then, certainly not any confirmed / reproducible ones. I could imagine this happening if you start playing with barline settings - changing single to double after changing span, then undoing, or rearranging staff order, etc.

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Good to clarify. When I start a score I add my instruments then extended the barlines as I desire; I don't move them much afterwards. I've had this with both scores that originated from the 2.x version and ones created in 3.x. (current example is made in the latest stable release, I think). Surely plenty of people extend their barlines; I have no idea why I seem to be one of the only ones with this bug.

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