Fermata over tremolo

• Oct 18, 2020 - 00:35

Can a way to add a fermata over a two-note tremolo be added? That's the only correct way of notating a fermata in that instance, but there's no way to do it except putting it over one of the notes and offsetting it to the left or right—which only works until Musescore suddenly decides to collapse or expand the width of the measure and makes it look wrong again. Obviously the playback doesn't accommodate it either, although that's a secondary concern.


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That's exactly the same problem as I mentioned in the original post but with an extra step. The x offset works until Musescore automatically messes with the measure size. The main issue is that these are all workarounds for something that should be pretty basic, since it's required for correct music notation but isn't possible within the program's current parameters.

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