Colored noteheads

• Oct 15, 2020 - 01:24

Musescore has started painting various noteheads in different colors. It used to paint Do different which I thought was cool but unnecessary, but now it is painting notes above and below the clef. I haven't seen how to control this and go back to basic black. Any hints?


Another finding: It painted Treble D (on the clef) red. Using the same voice and instrument, the red note is sounding an octave higher than a Treble D that is black. This is a mystery.

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The colored notes are notes MuseScore considers to be out of the usable pitch range for some (olive green) or all (red) musicians. You can change the professional and amateur ranges in staff/part properties or turn off colored notes in Edit->Preferences in the Note input tab.

For the note that is sounding an octave high attach the score.

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Thanks.  The range was one problem.  The other problem was due to the fact I wrote a Treble Clef sign in on parts of the Tenor line but Musescore wants Tenors to sing in the transposed Treble clef.  I've never seen that in my sheet music.  Once I use the transposed clef, the problem resolved.

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FWIW, if you mean the treble clef with the 8 on it, that's a very common standard in most parts of the world for tenors in open score format. But if you are trying to emulate the style of some publisher who chooses to use the standard treble clef instead, simply set the transposition to sound an octave lower, in Staff/Part Properties.

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