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• Oct 13, 2020 - 16:50

I would love to be a tester for Musescore 4. I just saw the changes and would like to give it a whirl. I've done many music projects with DAW. I'm excited with what I see you are doing.


I was going to tell you to download the latest development build for the master branch and test all you want but there are no master builds listed. I'll see what's going on and someone will post an explanation here.

I don't think you've seen any changes as much as one of the proposals of intention and direction. But you are free to download a master build to play with it.

Just be aware that most of the UI changes are still locked away behind compile options because the new UI still lacks a lot of functionality and that most changes so far are internal modularization of the code and internal structural preparation work.

Also note that the current master nightlies have not even yet reached the Alpha stability. So unless you're up for a lot of non-working things and possibly developing yourself, you're a bit early in the development stage to start useful user testing.

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the Oct 9 revision Be more specific, what operating system, Help > About. Do you mean 3.5.1? This thread here is is about (development builds of) MuseScore 4!

  1. Why do you expect Chord symbols not to play? They will by default for every score created with 3.5 or later.
    But yes, 3.5.1 has a bug that causes pre-3.5 scores to still play back chord symbols. Will get fixed in 3.5.2.
  2. What issue with end repeat not working?
  3. There was an issue with yesterday and this morning, which might have caused this. Should be fixed today

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1) Typical guitar notation is to show the fretboard diagram as well as the chord name. If the guitar is playing an arpeggio the composer would not want the full chord to play on the first note. For me, the chord name is information, and any musical notes should be played by notation.

2) If you are composing a song with a second verse, (etc) you wand an end repeat so you can go back to the start of the first verse. If you start in page view this works, but if you switch to continuous view, which is how I score my songs the end repeat is not used and the song plays right through it. If you go back to page view the end repeat no longer works. I had seen some forum entries saying this problem would be solved with this revision. (Oct 9) and that it would be a week or so before auto updates would start in case a terrible mistake had been made. I guess I should have waited since I thought a terrible mistake had been made (Thus 3)

3) Yes I successfully uploaded the mp3 for the song with the correct soundfont sound. (unfortunately for me, in the process of deleting the score with the improper sounds I deleted a bunch of scores as well. My fault. I guess when the save online dialogue comes up if you tick only upload score audio, a new score is produced. This is okay, but I got confused on the my scores page and ticked the top box and did not notice that it then activated all my scores. I clicked the command box "delete", before I realized that all scores were ticked. I lost a number of scores before I could re-tick the box and stop the process. My Bad... but the action page to be honest is not extremely clear.)

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Jojo was talking to Richard G Perritt Sr whose post is totally unrelated to testing version 4. I talked to the person who maintains the testing releases and he's working on getting them back on line. Once they are fixed they will be available at I checked out the windows builds and there are none at this time. If you use Linux then there are testable builds at You will want to click on Last Modified a couple of times to put the latest build at the top of the list. When the other platforms are updated people will want to look under the 4.x then Nightly directory to find version 4 builds that can be tested. I suspect the Testing folder will be for alpha and beta builds when the time comes.

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This isn't a bug but I think moving away from the Musescore 3 layout may be a bad idea. I like 3 because I can do my work without a lot of mouse clicks. With 4 I have to click on note input-4,8,16-then enter the note. On 3 I just pick the note and enter it on the score. It's a lot more efficient.

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