Unable to make instrument measures reappear.

• Oct 10, 2020 - 14:46

Using this score

MuseScore Adding Instrument Measures.mscz

right click measure 3 => Measure Properties => Staff 2 [check] visible => Apply => Ok --- the Trombone measure does not appear.


You don't have Measure properties for the trombone in measure 3 set to Not visible. The reason you don't see the trombone, Bb Clarinet and Alto Sax is that you have "Hide empty staves" checked in Format->Style... Since there are no notes in the 7 measures on these staves they are hidden. To make them visible you can uncheck "Hide empty staves" and put notes in them. When you check hide empty staves again, only the empty staves will become invisible. For example, put notes in measure 3 of the trombone, check hide empty staves and all 7 of those trombone measures will remain visible because they are on the same staff.

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