Measure remains missing after repeat

• Oct 9, 2020 - 11:24

Select one measure (two instruments) => hit "r" - the following measure is missing

MuseScore Missing Measure.jpg

Attached is the mscz

MuseScore Missing Measure.mscz


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r only copies the contents of the measure not the measure properties. MuseScore never copies entire measures. That's one of the reasons you can't copy a time signature in a measure.

For the trombone, you have Hide empty Staves checked in Format->Style. Since the Trombone is empty in m3 it's invisible.

You are using the wrong tools and misusing the ones you are using.

  1. If you open Measure properties and mark a measure invisible, it is always invisible until you change the setting in Measure properties.

  2. If you want your score to automatically make empty measures invisible as in your picture, use the cutaway option in staff properties. This is a check box above the Advanced Style Properties... button.

  3. If you want an entire empty staff to be hidden in a system, use Hide empty staves in Format->Style.

You will not normally use 1 & 2 together but you may use 3 with either of the others. I advise you to wait until all of your notes are entered to use 2 & 3 though this is not a requirement. If you force notes into a measure made empty in one of these ways it will become visible.

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