Tie is not working

• Oct 8, 2020 - 23:27

In this measure, I hear two notes for the tie

MuseScore Tie.jpg

when I hit play.


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In version 4 it looks like these will both be on the tool bar so there will not be this confusion. In the mean time, many experienced users use the keyboard more than clicking palette and toolbar items. The shortcut for a slur is s and the shortcut for a tie is +. There is never any confusion if you use the shortcuts.

Also, in MuseScore, the curve on a slur is more than the curve on a tie. I had no doubt that you had entered a slur in your initial picture.

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Yes, shortcuts and icons are useful. However, I like to use words to help beginners. It's time consuming to hover a mouse over the icons to see the words.

In addition, I strive to initially use menu words. If I relied exclusively on icons, and that icon disappeared in a newer version, it could be difficult to find. Thanks!

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If it helps, think in terms of the actual purpose of the symbol, not just it's physical appearance. I mean, a barline is a line too, so is a note stem, so is a tenuto marking, so is a lyric extender for melismas. But they are all found in different places, according to their function.

A tie is a symbol indicating the duration of a note, so it is found with the other duration-related symbols, on the toolbar.

Arguably, the slur belongs with the other articulations like tenuto, but for historical reasons - and because they are applied different, attaching to a whole sequence of notes rather than just one - they are grouped with other markings that behave similarly things that can be applied to longer sequences of notes. So not entirely consistent, but still logical in its own way.

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