How to save and load multiple custom palettes

• Oct 8, 2020 - 15:07

After using musescore for almost 10 years now, I've (finally) gotten to making my own custom palettes. I was wondering: Is there a way to save/load multiple custom palates at a time? I.e, is there a way that instead of saving the clef palette and then the arpeggios/glissandi (etc.) individually, I can just save all of them as one big palette, and thus, be able to load them all up at the same time?


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You can create a custom workspace with the palettes laid out however you like. If you want only one palette with everything then you are free to do that. You can make multiple workspaces if you use MuseScore for different song styles and a different workspace makes sense to you. One you set up a workspace, MuseScore will remember what it looks like and even reopen the palettes you had open the last time you closed the program.

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Mike320 answered my 1st yet non asked question about whether each saved workspace contained several changed palettes.
My 2nd question is What else is saved with the workspace?
The handbook specifically mentions palettes. The Create New Workspace lists 4 groups
Menu bar
GUI components
GUI preferences
Is there a more detailed breakdown of the GUI groups?

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Menu bar is "kind-of" implemented, but requires manual fiddling with the saved workspace file.
As is GUI Preferences.

Both can be seen (irritatingly) in action when switching to MDL; which will remove some of the more recent menu entries and blow up the font size of the UI for no good reason at all.

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Actually, all of these are implemented, although the menu bar only partially.

GUI components - if you select this, then the workspace remembers which sub-windows you have open (inspector, palettes, piano keyboard, etc. if you don't select it, then these settings are remembered globally instead of being specific to this workspace.

GUI preferences - if you select this, then various preferences that affect the GUI - like font and icon size, I think probably canvas and background settings - are saved as part of the workspace, otherwise they are saved globally.

Toolbars - same story

Menu bars - currently there is no way from within MuseScore to save custom menu configurations. But you can do so by editing the workspaces file manually, if you selected this option when creating the workspace. You would then be able to remove items from the menu, probably even add some if there is a command defined in the shortcut list but not otherwise found in the menu.

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