editing tempo in a score

• Oct 7, 2020 - 17:00

i have created a custom blank score for my cello work that defaults to bass clef and violincello as the playback instrument. At some point I must have also added a tempo but I don't see it indicated in my blank AND I can't seem to change the tempo...

anyone know how to get my custom blank back to default tempo so that I can change it to what I want it to be for each new piece?


Try adding a new tempo marking, then right-click it (ctrl-click on Mac) to select all similar elements and press "delete". If there is a hidden/invisible/empty tempo marking, this will have it removed (along with any other tempo markings of course).

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There is no hidden tempo mark, so I think you are just getting the default playback speed.

How do I know that there is no hidden tempo mark? I saved your file as .MSCX (uncompressed) instead of .MSCZ (compressed), then opened the MSCX file in a text editor. The only reference to tempo is the definition of the tempoFontFace in the Style section.

Attached is the complete .MSCX file, renamed as a .TXT file

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Keep in mind there is no such thing as "default tempo". A human being needs to see a tempo marking in order to know the tempo to play, and so does MuseScore. It's true that without this they'll do something, but it's going to be random, you can't rely on how fast it will happen to be. So if you care about the tempo, always include a tempo mark.

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