Multiple Segno and Dal Segno signs "Play repeats" problem

• Oct 5, 2020 - 11:10

In my score I have three similar sections with Segno and Dal Segno signs in each of them. All D.S. jump to the corresponding labeled (A, B, C) Segno signs and have "Play repeats" checkboxes checked, but only in the first section repeats are played after the jump, and in the second and the third sections repeats are ignored after jumps.
I attached a test file to demonstrate the problem.

Attachment Size
SegnoTest.mscz 5.56 KB


You have encountered a bug that is fixed for 3.5.1.

The cause of failure is as follows: When MuseScore (3.5.0) follows the jump, it "rewinds" back to the segno. When rewinding from the 2nd D.S. (m14) back to the segno of m9; it is found only as a result of the 2nd repeat after the first jump. This resulted in MuseScore thinking it is now playing back the 2nd repeat from there onwards; thus skipping the first volta afterwards.

Starting from 3.5.1 MuseScore no longer uses the rewind trick to locate jump targets and will playback your score correctly.

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