putting in correct bar lines and repeats and jumps.

• Oct 5, 2020 - 08:58

Hi i have created Pania of the Reef into Musescore.
A singer wants Dennis Marsh version which means he jumps around in the
second sing. Plus instrumental instead of singing it.
I have it noted on the score at the header.
It is a New Zealand Maaori song.
I can't paste the directions here.

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Panui_of_the_Reef.mscz 413.46 KB


It sounds like what you're saying is it's a strophic song, but in the second verse Dennis Marsh "jumps around" which I interpret as he doesn't stay within the form that was in the first verse, but sings a few bars, then skips way ahead, then goes back, etc. Is that what you're saying? If that is the case, You'll probably be better off to copy paste to create the second verse as best you can. To do it with repeats and jumps back and forth would likely make it too hard for the musicians to follow. My 2 cents.

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