Beams over rests information lost when importing xml into musescore

• Oct 5, 2020 - 07:28

Dear musescore-team and musescore-community,

when i create xml-files with a different programm and include specific beam information in the xml-file such as "forward hook" and "backward hook", which are used to indicate that a beam is supposed to cover a rest aswell, musescore seems to ignore this information when importing the xml.
Also you can create such beams in musescore itself and if you export than an xml from musescore directly this information is also lost. The workaround i use for that is selected the rest in most cases and select the beam propertie "beam middle" for that note.

I attached files for demonstration.

Does anyone know a plug-in or workaround for that issue?

Thanks a lot in advance for your affort,

p.s.: i crawled the whole forum for this topic but cant happen to find an entry exactly related to this issue though. Hope i didnt overlook that.


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