How do I squeeze notes closer together?

• Oct 3, 2020 - 14:03

For my student video clips, I want to reduce the width - notes closer together, and notes closer to the barlines => MuseSqueeze.jpg .

To clarify further, note locations can be moved by dragging with a mouse, one at a time. Is there a page setting that compresses all notes?


I'm not sure what your goal is. In the picture you provided there would be no good reason to push the 1/4 notes closer together and have those only be the notes on that system.

In general there are three things you can adjust to help with this.

  1. in Format->Style->Measure the is a note to barline distance you can set.
  2. You can adjust the X offset in the chord section of a note in the inspector and move the entire chord left or right.
  3. You can adjust the leading space to a negative number to allow it to be closer to the barline.

Note that as long as you have those 5 measures on a system, 1 will probably not have much affect. If your final goal were clearer I could give better advice.

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This is a nice trick you can use with horizontal frames. The manual is designed to let you know what tools are available. If every trick that you can use each tool were included for the already 250 page manual it would grow to several times that size.

Our secret is that we know the tools. Sometimes someone asks for something we've never seen before and we apply the tools we know to the situation. In your case, we've see the question a few times. The How to... part of the website could be used more for explaining tricks like this.

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You can add it to the issue tracker as an S5-Suggestion severity issue but it probably won't get fixed before 4.0. The estimated date for 3.6, which is the final 3.x release is the end of October. I would suggest that you see how this is implemented in 4.0 then revisit the issue if you still see a need for it. Putting it as a suggestion against 3.5 will likely get it lost in my opinion.

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