More dynamics, and ability to select and move both "poco, molto, piu," etc. with a dynamic symbol.

• Oct 3, 2020 - 02:04

In the past week I've gotten pretty fast at working with MuseScore, cranking out an arrangement each day. I love it, in fact. But there aren't enough dynamics in the set. Things like "piu f" rather than just f and ff would be useful. I know how to make the modifying Italian terms and place them, but I can't select both the text and the f at the same time to copy/paste on to other staves and/or move them both as a unit. Instead it makes a mess. I know that with word layout programs like Pages and others one can form a "group" and "ungroup" them. I would also like to do the same with hairpins that go in both directions < > and not have to drag them around individually. The ability to do these things would greatly speed up my workflow with larger scores, and I'm sure I'm not alone. Thank you!

(If there is a way to do this already, please let me know where to find it!)


Dynamics can be edited. Double click it and you can edit it like staff text. As a bonus the text defaults to italicized. To make life even easier, once you make a dynamic that says piu f and can press ctrl+shift and drag it to a palette and use it like a f or pp that comes with the program.

Groups are not an option. There are cases where copying and pasting consecutive <> groups can be useful. In the case of a swell type effect on a whole note, put invisible 1/2 rests in voice 2, enter the > on the whole note select the left grab box and press shift + right arrow and it will anchor to the second res. Then add the > to the whole note, select the right grab box and press shift+ left arrow and it will anchor to the first rest. You can then copy this measure and use some combination of up/down arrows with the appropriate modifiers (alt+shift, ctrl...) to make the note the right pitch. This isn't a group exactly, but it's easier than entering it from scratch each time. You can actually enter the < & > in voice 2 with out the need to adjust them but they will not auto place with any dynamics you add to voice 1.

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