Vivaldi - RV580 for 4 Violins rendered by DAW

• Oct 2, 2020 - 13:09

Vivaldi - RV580 for 4 Violins rendered by DAW

Wav format produced by Reaper + Kontakt Libraries.…

Original mscz file download from Musescore.…

Seperate Tracks.

01-mm.wav -- Metronome
02-violin-1.wav -- Violin Solo I -- Emotional Violin (kontakt)
03-violin-2.wav -- Violin Solo II -- Stradivari Violin (kontakt)
04-violin-3.wav -- Violin Solo III -- Guarneri Violin (kontakt)
05-violin-4.wav -- Violin Solo IV -- Joshua Bell Violin (kontakt)
06-viola-1.wav -- Viola Solo I -- Emotional Viola (kontakt)
07-viola-2.wav -- Viola Solo II -- Amati Viola (kontakt)
08-cello.wav -- Cello Solo -- Stradivari Cello (kontakt)
09-double-bass.wav -- Double Bass Solo -- Leonid Bass (kontakt)
10-harpsichord.wav -- Harpsichord -- Blanchet-Jeu (kontakt)

Hopefully, it's not too much for an amateur mixing level.

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