Muse Score 4 Learning Curve

• Oct 2, 2020 - 09:08

I have mix feelings about Muse Score 4. On one hand I'm looking forward to improvements. Hopefully this will include better sounding fonts for classical guitars, twelve string guitars, and diatonic harmonicas. However, I am concern that the powers to be will get so fancy with the up grades that they'll make the learning curve so high that only computer geeks will be able to learn and employ the software.

Remember, morons like to create music too.


Tantacrul seems determined to make the interface for version 4 moron proof at all costs. There will be an official announcement on version 4 target dates before long but I'm guessing you should be able to test version 4 just to test it, not for real work, before the end of the year. The interface for version 4 isn't yet to a point where testing would be useful right now.

As for the soundfont questions I suggest that you pose that in the SundsFonts forum

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Keep an eye on the forum, especially the Development and Technology Preview forum. When the time comes that testing is more beneficial there will be discussions about it. When the 4.0 Alpha release comes out there will be an official announcement and at that time the more testers there are the better 4.0 will be.

There is no official list of testers. Just test the releases and discuss what you find in the Development and Technology Preview forum until it's released.

My expectation is that if you put a group of newcomers in a room, gave half of them MuseScore 4 and half MuseScore 3, the MsueScore 4 would report it being slightly easier. But if you took experienced MuseScore 3 users and showed them MuseScore 4 for the first time, or took experienced MuseScore 4 users and showed them MuseScore 3 for the first time, but groups would report the version they are already used to is much simpler - and that would be for no other reason than that they are used to it.

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