Adding sound fonts to the synthesizer Fluid tab

• Oct 1, 2020 - 11:29

If you have about 10 fonts already added, adding a new one is pain in the butt. The new one is added on top of the list and if you leave it there all your scores are screwed. Moving it down takes several minutes. If you add several sound fonts, by the time you finished, you are pissed off.
Now, if you remove some font from the file system, then the whole list in the synthesizer is screwed, and as the result all your scores are again screwed, unless you painstakingly restore the list. If you don't remember the exact order in your screwed list, you want to be very rude.


If the order fonts is critical to your score sounding correct, order the sound fonts and click save to score. When you load that score again, open the synthesizer and click load from score. This is much faster than reorganizing 10 sound fonts and more accurate than trying to remember if you want the Sontina symphony orchestra or Timbers of heaven first in a score you created 3 months ago. You can set a default list and click save as default and click load default whenever you want to return to this list.

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I knew that before. Removing a font from the file system destroyed the saved default list too.
And again, why I can add instruments to a score in any position, but I can add a sound font to the synthesizer only on top of the list and then have to move it down very slowly because the app is not responding? This is an inconsistency of the UI.

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