can't find how to indicate left hand position to be used in cello score

• Sep 29, 2020 - 18:34

Because there are alternate ways of playing some note sequences on the cello (and other bowed string instruments - probably for other string instruments too I suspect), I would like to add notation under the staff showing what hand position for a sequence is called for by the composer. That needs to include both a line with end markings under the staff encompassing the notes for which a hand position is being indicated and if possible, text naming the position.


You will need to use a line (like the plain line) from the lines palette. After you add the line to the range of notes, select it and open the inspector (F8). In the inspector remove the check from "Allow diagonal" so you don't accidentally skew it. You can then add begin and end text as appropriate and even format it if you want it italics for example. Finally, if you want a hook (vertical line) at the end of the line you can add begin and end hooks. When your happy with it, press ctrl+shift and drag it to the palette and you will be able to apply it from the palette like any other line in the future.

Edit: I almost forgot, the default hooks point up, the default size is -1.50sp, remove the - to make it point the other direction.

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